Posted by: erinmelissa | October 16, 2008

Random stuff about me

I bought the head of Dwight Schrute at Target this week.  It’s pleasantly squishy, and only a dollar!  What a bargain.

I single handedly totalled our brand new car on our honeymoon.

I dressed as an Asian woman for not one, not two, but three Halloween’s growing up. 

I love the Harry Potter series.  My husband does not.  I am currently trying to force him to love them by reading them aloud to him when he’s least expecting it.  I’ve been working on it since early summer and have made it to the fifth chapter of the second book.

I have not seen all of the Star Wars movies.  I vaguely remember seeing bits and pieces when I was younger, and remember seeing the prequel after senior prom, but I’m pretty sure I haven’t seen the whole series.

I had a Joey doll when I was little (as in Joey from New Kid’s on the Block).  He had black tight pants, and yellow tank top and a black leather jacket.  And rugged good looks of course.  

I would rather be at /world/Tokyo Disney etc than anywhere in the world.  I wish I could live in the castle.

Disney Day!

Disney Day!

I have seen the Nutcracker close to 10 times, and Les Misarables three times.  I’ve only seen Phantom once, and next is the Lion King.

I l-o-v-e Big Hunks.  The candy bars.

I’ve secretly been listening to Christmas music for a month.  Only one other person knows. 

My favorite of the secret Christmas songs I’ve been listening to is: I Want a Hippopotomus for Christmas.  Favorite. Christmas. Song. Ever.


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