Posted by: erinmelissa | October 22, 2008

Weird things at work

My boss just came back from Cabo San Lucas.  He brought me a hot pink shot glass that says, “To Drink or not to Drink?  What a Stupid Question.”  It made me laugh.

Today I went to get my lunchable from the refrigerator (Turkey and cheddar, for those who were wondering.)  It’s been in there since Friday, because other, better food kept popping up.  So, I pulled it out of the fridge and noticed the wrapper was loose.  So, I look closer – someone had peeled up the corner with the cheese and eaten one piece.  And, because it was in there so long, the turkey had gotten all dried out and gross.  So, I threw away a whole lunchable, so someone could have a piece of cheese.  I hope they enjoyed it.  It worked out though, cause I just went home and made a portabello mushroom and provalone sandwich instead.  Really it was kind of a win-win.

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