Posted by: erinmelissa | October 24, 2008

Favorite Movies

in no particular order:

Moulin Rouge

I realize where this takes place.  Under normal circumstances, I wouldn’t endorse movies that take place in questionable places like the Moulin Rouge.  But, add Nicole Kidman and you have a movie so whimsical and musical and fanciful it’s impossible to resist.  Besides, the music is wonderful!  And it’s a tear jerker -boy, this movie has a lot going for it.  My favorite scene – On with the show.  I love the song.


Ah, Christian Bale.  This is where it all started.  What 11 year old girl can resist “Cowboy” singing and dancing across her Grandma’s TV.  Oh for the days when this movie was gracing the Disney Channel the way High School Musical is now.  It makes me want to go to Santa Fe.

The Thin Man

There are few things more fun to watch than Myrna Loy wandering around in fabulous clothes, and William Powell wandering around (sleuthing, no less) drunk.  I love all 7 of the thin man movies, they are hilarious – even if the “mysteries” are non-sensical.  There’s no way to guess “who done it” because you evidentally have to be completely sloshed to see the clues.  But so so so much fun!

The Little Mermaid

I admit it.  When I was little my career aspiration was to be Ariel.  Not for real – I don’t like being underwater, so being a Mermaid wouldn’t suit me.  Plus, I will insist until my dying day that I am NOT a redhead.  But, I did want to be the Ariel that waves from the floats in parades and randomly bursts into song.  Actually, I would have liked any job where you can spontaneously burst into song.  Let me know if you have one available.

Batman Begins/The Dark Night

Again…Christian Bale.  And-the movie is good, even great.  I have thoroughly enjoyed this series so far, and so long as they don’t change Batman, (the way they did with Rachel), I assume I will continue to enjoy them.  Alright, so they’d probably even be good without Christian Bale, but, that was half the reason I went to see it in the first place.

Monsters Inc.

Kitty!  I love love love this movie.  It is great on so many levels.  I can’t watch without laughing, and even tearing up a bit.  When the door gets chopped…oh my.  Mike Wisowski!  Hands down, my favorite Pixar movie.

That’s all for now.



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