Posted by: erinmelissa | October 30, 2008

Work Halloween Party

Today was our work Halloween party.  Most people dressed as witches and pirates.  One person was super creative and dressed as a lady at the salon, with foils and wax on her eyebrows, and an apron etc.  My mother in law dressed as a lumber jack.  I had the risky idea of dressing as my boss.  Here’s a visual for you:

Tim's mom, Lumber June

Tims mom, Lumber June


Me as my boss

Me as my boss

My boss's reaction

His reaction


Which is me?

Which is me?


One more of Tims mom cause she is hilarious

One more of Tim's mom cause she is hilarious

She actually won Most Realistic.

I, however, won Scariest.  Evidently it was unanimous.



  1. Erin!

    I think it’s funny that you found my blog…or lack there of. Thought it would be fun to have one since everyone else does, then realized I don’t really have much to say. I’m guessing that someday when there are mini Lerases that I will have more reason to keep one up!

    I love dress up, and your costume was great (and creative:)) J and I didn’t dress up this year because we were out of town for a wedding, and I kind of missed it! I remember our first married Halloween with you and Tim in our tiny apartment watching some scary movie that I fell asleep to…good times.

    I got to see pics of your house from Sara, and it is gorgeous! Wish we could have seen you guys, will definitely have to next year.

    Thanks for finding me. Let’s be friends again, k?:)

    Talk to you soon.


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