Posted by: erinmelissa | November 11, 2008

My Pillow

I have had the same pillow my entire life.  You may think this is gross, but here is my defense:

1 – It’s the best. pillow. ever.  I have tried to sleep on other pillows.  I have bought many, many pillows, because I believed that my pillow should enjoy a quiet retirement.  They have all failed me.  While it’s not impossible to sleep on others, it is VERY hard.  If I have the option, my pillow will come with me to hotels, friends houses, my parents house, etc.  There is no pillow superior to my own.

 2 – For many years it had a plastic cover on it because I was, at that point, severely allergic to dust mites, which like it or not, are in pillows.  This not only kept the dust mights from me, but also served to preserve the pillow a little bit.  At least, I like to think so.

3 – I wash it when it gets too gross.  It comes out of the washer and dryer in perfect condition – another testimony to the perfection of this antique beauty rest.

This pillow is so great, Tim is jealous of it.  He can’t find a pillow that is better.  The other night I thought I’d be a good wife and I switched our pillows when he was out of the room to surprise him with a great night of sleep.  I’m not convinced he noticed, but I sure did.  I promptly took my pillow back as soon as he left for work in the morning.  So, judge me if you want, but I will never part with this pillow if I can help it. 

I know this picture was in the last post, but this is the pillow of reknown:


It’s so great, my brothers wanted to be around it:


Also important to note is the fashion sense we all had: headgear, DARE t-shirts, neon striped shorts, Rainbow Brite onesie jammies, and though you can’t totally see it, a Bart Simpson t-shirt.  We were often referred to as the stylin’ Burns family.  (That may not be true.)



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