Posted by: erinmelissa | November 13, 2008

Not like normal blogs

I discovered today that normal blogs talk about what happened in their day.  Some people pull this off in a very entertaining way.  I don’t think I could do that.  My days are just not that fun.  But I’ll give it a shot, for the sake of fitting in:

This morning I woke up to a terrible beeping.  So, I stopped it.  Three times.  Then I got up and ready for work.  I settled on a blue button down shirt and pink pants.  Pink pants because I have a very limited number of work pants, and I’d already worn all the normal colored ones this week.  Thank goodness for jeans tomorrow!  I twisted my hair into the only “updo” that it can do it it’s extremely short state.  See, it’s chin length in the front, and gradually shorter as it heads back.  So, in order to pull it back I have to essentially french braid it, except that the hair doesn’t meet.  So, I pull it back as far as it will go and clip it.  It actual comes out pretty cute, but I can’t explain it, and I sure don’t have a picture.  Moving on…I headed to work with Tim’s mom and we listened to “Wicked,” and discussed the duet between the two main girl characters.  Then we got to work and actually got a parking spot in front of our building (normally we have to park at the building next door.)  AND we were 15 minutes early.  Then we got down to business (all the while listening to Wicked).  But it’s really slow.  So, around 11 Tim’s mom called me and told me that Tim’s Dad’s brother had come to visit from California (which we’d had a vague idea would happen, but not when) and was at our house.  I panicked a little because I hadn’t cleaned the bathroom or the guest room in a little bit.  Then I found out Tim was going home sick.  Then his mom and I went to lunch (listening to Wicked), which consisted of going to Hallmark because they had a Hippopotomus ornament that plays my favorite Christmas song, and to the dollar store for kicks.  That’s when we found out that Tim’s uncle was going to stay at a hotel.  Phew.  I don’t mind having him, but I do mind it being messy for him.  Then I came back to work and ate bagel bites (listening to Wicked).  Then I did what work I had, and tried to find stuff for the rest of the time.  Did I mention it was below freezing in my office today?  Tonight I’ll be giving Chie her birthday gift (Happy birthday Chie!) and caring for poor ailing Tim.  This is why I post about random things other than my day. 🙂


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