Posted by: erinmelissa | November 17, 2008

Our new “Pet”

Tim won a Roomba I-Robot through a work raffle. 



We’ve come to love her already.  Her name is Annabelle.  She has successfully cleaned every floor in our house except for the guest room, because that’s currently housing some BIG boxes from some furniture we just bought.  While I am confident she could manuever around the boxes (she’s very smart), we’ll just wait until the room has been cleaned up a bit.  She also didn’t venture into the laundry room or the Master bedroom.  But absolutely everywhere else.  And she’s awesome!  She not only cleaned the floors, she also found my missing sleep mask!  She pulled it right out from under the bed and scooted toward me with it dangling off of her!  Way to go Annabelle!  Our home wasn’t complete without her.


  1. I have two, Fred and Ethyl, in my condo. Most of the rooms are downstairs, with just my bedroom upstairs. Fred does the heavy work downstairs, while the lovely Ethyl lives upstairs in my bedroom. What can I say, I live alone and I’m a lonely guy.

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