Posted by: erinmelissa | November 18, 2008

A Tale of Three Sofas

When we got married we were given a lot of furniture by a woman in our church who was moving back east.  We really appreciated it (and still do), but have since replaced some of the items.  Our first sofa, so generously given to us, was similar to this:



Except slightly less regal.  Red velvet, off center chaise-y.  Here’s some other similar ones (use your imagination to meld them together)

The woodwork and tufting is very similar to ours
The woodwork and tufting is very similar to ours


Ours came with matching throne like chairs as well.

 We used this for about 6 months, but it didn’t hold two people very well, much less more when we entertained.  So, when we got our first tax return we gave away the sofa and chairs to someone who LOVED them, and bought this:




We still love this couch.  It’s got clean lines, easy to maintain, so comfortable – and it’s HUGE.  When you’re looking at a couch in a show room, it’s hard to judge the size.  This is so big, it couldn’t fit into our apartment elevator, it had to be hoisted over a balcony with ropes.  Then we had to all but butter it to get it in the door.  At our second apartment we had to take off the sliding glass door to get it in.  So, it will be moving downstairs where there is more room for it, so we can make way for:



This pretty little thing.  At, comparitively, it’s LITTLE.  We also got it a friend:



Just the coffee table for now, but it matched our “entertainment center” (which is, in reality a bookcase) perfectly!



So, our style has changed a bit since the Victorian Velvet that got us started.   Maybe someday I’ll have pictures of the new furniture in our place…we’ll see.


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