Posted by: erinmelissa | November 25, 2008

One is not enough…

I get to have four Thanksgiving dinners this year. 

Numero uno.  We had a Thanksgiving potluck that consisted of 60 pounds of turkey with all the fixin’s.  My first plate had a turkey and gravy sandwich, mashed potatoes and more gravy, cornbread, stuffing (or dressing, depending where you’re from,) green beans and bacon, a cookie and a peanut butter ball.  I’ll probably go get more soon.  Yu-u-u-m.  I brought the stuffing – it was my first time making stuffing, but it was pretty successful.  It consisted of cornbread stovetop, celery, onion, apple, cranberries, chicken broth, salt, pepper, nutmeg and butter, stuck in the slow cooker for a few hours. 

Dinner number two is tonight at Bible Study.  Our donation is cranberry sauce and hawaiian sweet rolls (my favorite.)

Dinner three is with Tim’s side of the family on Thursday and we aren’t contributing a thing, cause Tim’s mom’s got it all covered.  This will take place at noon.

Dinner four is with my side of the family, I’m not sure what we’re bringing yet. 

And of course…leftovers.

In honor of Thanksgiving…enjoy:





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