Posted by: erinmelissa | November 26, 2008

Fashion Fo Pa

The last several months I have had a growing love for ballet flats.  I have several pairs. 


*Disclaimer – while these are very similar, with the exception of the crocs, the pink converse, the black pointy ones, and the gray/yellow ones, these are not my exact shoes.  I did the best I could.

Because I enjoy these tiny shoes so much it’s put me in a fashion quandry.  I can’t go back to my winter shoes.  They’re just so clunky!

I love these shoes.  I'm on my second pair.  By clunky, no?

I love these shoes. I am on my second pair. But, clunky, no?

 I also have this pair. 


But after wearing sleek light shoes all summer, I can’t bear the weight of the hard core Docs.  I do have a pair of boots that are pretty, but not practical for every day.  Like today.  So, I did what I can’t stand on other people.  This morning was cold.  Very cold.  There was thick ice on the windows of the car.  I couldn’t wear my ballet slipper barefoot like I normally would…So, I wore them with socks!  I know…awful.  But boy am a I nice and warm hypocrite.




  1. […] jeans (wide leg Banana Republic) and some of my prettiest ballet flats (red patent leather, see my fashion fo pa post) I am wearing a t-shirt.  A graphic t-shirt.  This […]

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