Posted by: erinmelissa | November 28, 2008

Black Friday, I miss you

Working on Black Friday.  What a waste.  How much would I rather be fighting my way through crowds, standing in endless lines and getting deals of the century?  Completely.  With only three gifts left to go, I would rather be doing nothing more than crossing them off the list.  Today. 

But, for shame, I am not.  If I were, this is what I would have done:

Gotten up around 9 – I am not quite enthusiastic enough to be the first to the door. 

Left around 9:30.  I would head to the outskirts of Southcenter Mall (I’m not crazy enough to go it this early) and hit:



Where I would gaze longingly at these:





Then I would remember I was shopping for Christmas gifts, not for $400 worth of dog posters.  (Though they would be loved.)  So, I’d pick up stocking stuffers and anything else that caught my eye for the remaining gift needers: Dad, Dad F., and Pete and Gina and kids (they count as one.)

So, once I wrapped up there, I would brave the crazy parking lot and head over to:


where I would do more of the same.  Then, the treck to:


which is kind of hit or miss.  If I hadn’t gotten all that I needed at these stores, I would brave to mall, but the danger there would be buying things for myself.  Lastly I would go to my favorite store:


Anything I hadn’t found at the previous stores, I am confident I would find here.  Lines wouldn’t matter, because I’d bring along my book in my BIG purse.  I’m currently reading, and very much enjoying:


When I finished all that, I would go home, drink some cocoa, eat some Thanksgiving leftovers, and watch Holiday Inn.

Instead, I’ll sit at work daydreaming of being among the people.  At lunch I will get out there as quickly as possible and hit (hopefully) at least two of the above mentioned stores.  Then I’ll return and wish some more.  Sigh.



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