Posted by: erinmelissa | December 2, 2008

Not so minty fresh

I think today is the first time I’ve ever come to work without brushing my teeth first.  This was not a forgetful omission, or a conscious decision…I was left with no option.  You see, Tim leaves for work about a half an hour before I wake up.  Today is also Tim’s first dentist appointment in about 5 years.  (Scary.)  So, naturally, he brought everything he would need to scrub away years of damage before his appointment this afternoon.  I did the same thing when I went to the dentist last week. 

So, I woke up and stumbled to the bathroom.  I pulled my toothbrush from its drawer, and discovered there was no toothpaste in there.  I checked the counter top, and all of the other drawers, then where we keep our Costco toothpaste supply – no good.  Our last tube went to work with Tim.  I briefly considered baking soda, but I don’t think we have any.  So, I brushed dry, and used some mouth wash.  When I got to work I replied to an e-mail Tim had sent me and added at the end:

By the way, I didn’t get to use any toothpaste this morning! 🙂



To which he replied:

OH NO! I didn’t even think about it, I’m sorry. I was about to leave a message when I read that and I just froze and had to hang up because I was so shocked.

Oh well, lesson learned I suppose.







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