Posted by: erinmelissa | December 3, 2008

Christmas Tree Help Wanted

So, I’m sitting here, sipping tangerine tea out of my new Christmas mug,  (It’s a letter to Santa that says, “Dear Santa, Let me tell you the whole story…),


wishing I was at home in the “warming glow of TV’s my tree’s warming glow.”  But, our tree has a problem.  We picked a 6′ Frasier Fir that smells sooo good.  It’s got a great shape and no holes – perfect.  It’s up, and decked out with the ornaments Tim and I picked out (mostly retro blown glass in reds and whites, and penguins – I like penguins), as well as ones I grew up with.  It’s topped with a beautiful silver beaded snowflake.  This year I decided we’d go with white lights instead of colored to class it up a bit to match our (hopefully) sophisticated decor.  Here is where the problem comes in.  It’s lacking in something.  Tim grew up with tinsel garland on his tree, so he thinks that’s what it’s lacking.  I, however, have never liked tinsel garland.  But I agree it needs something.  So, yesterday I went out and bought silver glass ball garland, but that didn’t help.  It was too muted, it didn’t really catch the light, or add anything to the tree.  So, all that to say, we need help.  Please, please, offer me some suggestions (outside of tinsel garland) to fancy our tree up in a sophisticated and light catching or color adding sort of way.   Thanks!




  1. Hey Erin! I found you – not in a weird sort of way, in the I-am-avoiding-studying type of way! Here’s an idea for your tree: fancy thick ribbon either wrapped loosely around the tree or in swirly tendrils vertically from the top. Target has some great ribbon selection. We should get together soon. Meg

  2. Thanks for the idea! We want to hang out too! Let us know when you’ve got available. By the way, I saw your Zimbags video on You Tube 🙂

  3. I like to use wired star garland ( in gold or silver. It’s small but really sparkly. I’ve been able to find it at Wal-mart or Target for about $5.

  4. Thanks Polly! I like that idea. I hope you’re having a fun California Christmas!

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