Posted by: erinmelissa | December 4, 2008

Worst Gifts Ever

What’s the worst gift you’ve ever given/received?  I’ve given two VERY bad gifts, one to each of my parents:

For my dad’s birthday one year, I gave him a dime for every year he’d been alive (it came out to about $3.50).  If that wasn’t bad enough, I’m pretty sure I took the dimes from his change jar.  Yikes.

For Chrismas when I was about 11, I thought I’d make my mom a new perfume.  That’s right…make.  So, I took a pickle jar, lightly washed it, peeled off the label, and poured in water, vanilla extract (lots of it, my mom loooved vanilla) and cinnamon.  Then I stirred it all together and sealed it up, then proceeded to spend hours working on what I’m sure was a STUNNING label.  “Ode de Vanille” I think I called it.  My mom opened the gift, thanked me, and set it aside without even smelling it!  Later I found out it was primarily the pickle smell that came through and it had to be tossed.  At least I was creative! 

What about you?



  1. A coupon book filled with “Free Backrubs”

  2. I was once given a roll of masking tape for Christmas. Also a bowl of crocus bulbs, a keychain calculator, and a baby book that I was supposed to fill in with my own information from my childhood (like when I got my first hair cut, when my first steps were etc…) It was a pretty stinky Christmas.

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