Posted by: erinmelissa | December 5, 2008

Christmas mugs and Christmas shirts

I usually try to look nice on casual Friday.  You know how there are two extremes of casual Friday – the ones who show up in sweat pants that have SUGAR plastered across the hiney, or cookie moster blue velour jogging suits with tennies, and then there are the ones who wear – basically – work clothes, with nice jeans incorporated.  I lean toward the second extreme.  I usually make a point to wear a nice sweater or top, my best jeans, and either fancy pretty ballet flats or heels, if the jeans allow.  Today, however, I broke my own rule.  And why?  Because tis the season for Christmas clothes!  So, today, though I am wearing one of my best pairs of jeans (wide leg Banana Republic) and some of my prettiest ballet flats (red patent leather, see my fashion fo pa post) I am wearing a t-shirt.  A graphic t-shirt.  This one:


I like to think of it as "Rockin' Robin"

Here is my justification – I can only wear this shirt for one month.  And in that month, it can only be worn during the weekends.  And, I can’t wear it every weekend to the same places (though I love it enough to-by the way, the white parts of the hat have glitter) so, I have to plan.  This Friday to work, next Saturday to whatever is going on, the next Sunday to church.  That way it’s evenly displayed to everyone I know.  Then the gig is up.  Christmas time will have passed, and the shirt will be carefully tucked away for next year.  So there.  I’m having my one day this year of leaning toward the velour jumpsuit casual Friday.

Now, onto the mug.  Today I am drinking coffee with raspberry hot cocoa in it, from another 2006 Starbucks mug:


and now, I will be turning on some Christmas music and brainstorming on the last gift we have to get: Tim’s dad…suggestions are welcome.



  1. Oh my goodness Erin!! I saw that t-shirt at Target and loved it! Did you see the green one with the Christmas tree on it? It reminded me of the Charlie Brown Christmas tree so I instantly fell in love with it. Both of these t’s are on my amazon wish list.

  2. Oh, I think there were 5 or 6 different ones I liked, but this one won (it almost lost to the Gingerbread girl), cause I couldn’t buy them all. But, just so you know they are not true to size. I brought home a small (without trying it on) thinking I’d be safe, and it was all I could do to pry that sucker back off to return it. I ended up getting a medium, which fits my like an x-small from most other places.

  3. I have the same mug…and drink my coffee from it nearly every December Morning:)

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