Posted by: erinmelissa | December 9, 2008

Tim’s Work Party

I found out this morning that Tim’s work holiday party is going to be tomorrow night.  Now, to be fair, he’d told me about it weeks ago, but I hadn’t written the date down.  So, today I e-mailed him and asked him when it was…tomorrow.  So, here’s my quandry.  I have a great little black dress.  Tim bought it for me, it’s this:


Super pretty.  But, I wore it last year, (the only time most of these people have ever seen me) and I felt a little over dressed – one person was wearing jeans.  So, I think, I either have to dress it down somehow, or find something new that’s more casual.  Hence, my lunch break mission!  I am going to the mall at breakneck speed and searching GAP and H&M.   

I’m hoping to find some sort of colorful shrug (and possibly shoes) to dress it down with…


…Or a cheap casual dress:


I’ll let you know what happens…as always, suggestions are welcome!


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