Posted by: erinmelissa | December 11, 2008

Pain by Color

No, that’s not a typo.  I often think that pain should be more visible.  Granted, some pains can be seen, such as the red stripe of a scratch or scab, the purple green of a bruise and, of course, the black eye – or pink eye for that matter.  But, I think all pain should be like this.  It would really help mom’s as they try to get their kids off to school in the morning.  Then, when Susie says, “My tummy hurts,” mommy can just take a peek and see if, indeed, it’s the purple color of belly aches.  The more the pain, the more the purple.  If there’s no purple, that little faker is going to school. 

I started thinking about this when I was sick with the plague of two weeks ago.  I was out of commission for a full week (and a little more).  Literally, it was all I could do to get from the couch to the restroom.  I couldn’t cook, I couldn’t work, I couldn’t scrapbook, I couldn’t wrap presents – I could only lay and stare.  And cough.  A lot.  But, I really had no evidence of the pain I was in.  I only had a fever one day of all those dark dark days, and it was only 99.4.  I desperately wanted my feeling bad to be justified by something that I could show Tim so he’d feel bad for me.  (He did, already of course, but I still wanted that tangible evidence.)  What I wanted was for my splitting head to be green down the middle where the pain was radiating from, for my throat to be dark pink to show how raw it was, for my tummy to be blue because of the queasiness, and my whole body to be a funny shade of gray to signify fatigue.  Then, if I tried to go into work (which I did midweek, after I got my crown put on my tooth (it was a great week) – I only lasted a few hours) my manager could take one look at my multi colored self and say “Go home and force fluids immedietely!”  And I could go home and not feel guilty about missing work. 

Currently I am wearing the color of pain from learning JJ Putz has been traded to the Yankees: a livid red with swirls of teary blue.  Stupid Yankees.



  1. I really miss you, Erin. We should hang out and watch Friends sometime.

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