Posted by: erinmelissa | December 12, 2008

Talking while Eating

I’m sitting here listening to everyone around me talk while eating.  One person, on the phone.  Disgusting.  I wish God had made it so we could speak one way and eat another, so we never run into the (occasionally) necessary evil of talking with our mouths full.  For that matter, if the “eating place” didn’t have lips, we could get rid of smacking once and for all too.  I’m throwing this on my wish list with the color wheel of pain.


  1. I did a post almost exactly like this on my personal blog while I was working at an insurance company a year or so ago. People smacking at work in close quarters is the WORST! I feel for you. Oh- and hi! I found you guys from Nate and Ashley’s blog. It’s fun to catch up on life! : )

    – Heidi (Mittelstadt) Ower

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