Posted by: erinmelissa | December 17, 2008

Christmas Decorations!

So, I got my pictures developed, and you get to see all the Christmas-ness in our house!  Aren’t you excited? 


So, this is our new couch and coffee table.  There’s not much Christmas to it, but it’s new, so I don’t care.  If you look on the right of the couch you can see some wine glasses with Christmas flowers in them.  And there is cereal in a Christmas bowl on the table.  Tim was having a snack when I decided to do this.


I do realize that this is virtually the same picture, but this one has our cute calendar page in it.  It’s the back of Santa’s lounge chair, and he’s holding cocoa that is steaming.  And the steam is in the shape of a reindeer!  What?  Amazing!  And he has a cute little dog.  Also, (in the room, not the calendar) there’s a slipper, because Christmas is a time for being cozy.  Right?  Right.


Here’s our makeshift mantle with some of my favorite accessories of all – reindeer stocking holders!  I love decorating with reindeer, penguins and gingerbread men, because they’re less common than snowmen and Santa’s.


This is my nativity.  I love it – my mom gave it to me piece by piece, a new bit every Christmas.  I am two pieces shy of completion, I haven’t decided if I’m going to complete it or not.  Please ignore the blue tape, we were trying to keep the TV cords in place, and it’s harder than you’d think.


This is my little village, although it’s missing a late addition of a Pharmacy/Ice Cream shop.  If there’s anything you need in a Christmas Village, it’s a place for the villagers to eat and drink something cold. 


I really liked the way this looked.  These little glass balls used to sit in crystal votive holders, but I inherited this star from my mom, and I think it’s perfect. 


Here’s Tim getting into the Christmas spirit – he did the star and the ribbon.


The end result.  Thanks Polly and Meghan for the finishers ideas!


No tree is complete without fun presents underneath!  Check out the Rudolph and Santa Claus is Coming to Town wrapping.  Thank you Target!


Tim and I after his work Christmas party.


One more for good measure.  Merry Christmas to all of you!  I hope you’re really enjoying this season.



  1. Its great to see someone who is willing to share there Christmas spirit with others. You’ve done some unique decoration. Looks good. Visit me at
    I think you’d enjoy my latest blog post “Claus and the Consultant”. Put your laughin’ shoes on when you come.

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