Posted by: erinmelissa | December 21, 2008

Christmas tree help from an uninvited guest

So, you know how I was asking what I should put on our tree to spice it up?  Well, I ended up putting red ribbon on it, as you can see in the Christmas decor post.  But this morning, I found that someone didn’t think that was enough.  When I entered the room and glanced at the tree, I saw about a quarter of the tree was covering in a tinsel-like spider web.  I knew there were spiders in the tree, when I went to straighten the snowflake topper, I found about 6 on it (which I promptly threw at Tim, forcing him to get off the phone with his brother to deal with it.)  So, I patiently waited for Tim to come in, and then pointed out the new accessories.  Like the manly man he is, he quickly obliterated the delicate web, and accompanying spider, and we are safe again.  (Hopefully that was the last of these resilient spiders). 

On another note, it will not stop snowing!  Last night was as close to a blizzard I have ever seen.  It was so windy that we have areas you can still see the grass through, and other areas with over 15 inches of snow.  You can’t even see the curbs on the sidewalk.  I have never experienced snow like this.  My favorite part is that there is snow on the window sills.  So fun!

On still another note, does anyone know which Christmas claymation has Jack Frost in it?  I thought it was “The Year without a Santa,” but I was wrong.  I’m hoping to DVR it, by I need a title first, so please let me know if you know.  Thanks!


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