Posted by: erinmelissa | December 23, 2008

I Made It!

After yesterday’s terrifying experience attempting to get to work, we were a bit trepadatious about getting out today.  Dad to the rescue!  He rolled in (at the top of the hill) in his 4 wheel drive SUV to save the day…and got stuck in the snow.  Ai Carumba.  So, after some shoveling and pushing, courtesy of Tim’s dad, we eventually made it out, and all the way to work.  Hooray! 

While I was home yesterday, I made a disturbing discovery…Tim vanquished one spider on our tree, but inspecting the snowflake (this seems to be their favorite place) I found 4 more.  I’m scared of how many I might find while undecorating the tree next week.  Maybe I’ll make Tim do it. 

I also got my holiday cleaning done!  I like being home, it’s so productive.  And I got to watch wayyy to many episodes of NCIS on TBS.  Score. 

All that to say…Merry Christmas!  And praise to God for sending His Son.  Enjoy these fun days.


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