Posted by: erinmelissa | December 26, 2008

A Traditional Burns Christmas

My family is pretty strict about things that have to happen on Christmas:

Cinnamon rolls must be present

The Christmas Story has to be on in the background at some point

There must be stockings (this is not as strict as it once was, now, there do have to be stockings, but they don’t have to be laid at the foot of our beds like when we used to live there)

Our “big” presents must be from Santa

Christmas music must be playing in the background of present opening

Only one person can open a gift at a time

We go youngest to oldest

These items can’t be compromised on.  This Christmas had all of those necessities.  When Tim and I got to the house, Dad was fixing breakfast (with said cinnamon rolls), and Chris was watching The Christmas Story.  Check, check.  Generally on Christmas morning, we got to tear into our stockings as soon as we woke up (unless Mom deemed it too early, she always seemed to know when we got into them).  The last two years Chris has started waiting, so when we got there, I told him to go ahead and open it.  (I  had this authority, because I helped Santa with the stockings this year.)  Tim and I started in on them too.   Then, Tim (Burns) and Mitsuki came, Chie was coming in a separate car.  So, Mitsuki opened his stocking, and Chie came in with Shinobu (I have no idea how to spell that) and Justin (3 years old), who have been staying with them; and their friend Mary from church.  Grandma also joined us.  So, Tim B. and Chie also started on the stockings, then we started on breakfast, while watching Mickey’s Christmas Carol.  Mitsuki likes to call Scrooge “Daddy Donald Duck”.  Once that was wrapped up, Tim B. read the story of Christmas from a children’s Bible.  He almost kept the boy’s attention, but toward the end, Mitsuki asked if it was time for presents.  Oh well.  Christmas music was put on.  Then came the few hours of gifting, starting with Mitsuki.  Because, going one by one takes time, but it is so rewarding to see the reactions to the gifts you worked so hard to pick out. 

We came home with a lot of loot.  Two big duffel bags full.  Tim (F.) was a little overwhelmed with how much it was.  We made out with Settlers of Catan the cardgame, pajamas for Tim, and espresso maker and espresso beans (yum!), Brian Regan The Epitome of Hyperbole, The Jungle Book, Newsies- see this post to know how much I appreciated this, a homemade scarf from Grandma, a airplane combat wii game, some books, a stand up wine opener, a homemade ornament from Mitsuki (third in the series), and tickets to go see Lion King with my dad when it comes to town (from Santa)!  Yay yay yay!

We spent the afternoon hanging out around the house and eating a lot.  Then we braved the snow and headed home, where Tim shovelled the drive, and I organized the gifts.

This Christmas was considerably easier than last year.  We’ve gotten more used to life with out mom, but she was still noticeably absent.  But, I know how much she loves Christmas, so I’m sure she was having a great time celebrating with Jesus.

It was a great Christmas.  And tomorrow we get another with Tim’s side of the family.  Hooray!



  1. An espresso maker, Newsies, and tickets to The Lion King are quite the treasures! You guys made out great! And I think it’s funny that you have to use last initials when referencing your husband and brother. : )

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