Posted by: erinmelissa | January 2, 2009

I Resolve

It’s that time again…to resolve to change.  I figured I’d aim for the achievable this year.

The things I resolve not to do this year:

1 – I resolve to not be the mastermind behind any plots to  take over the world


2 – I resolve to not become world famous

3 – I resolve to not be Paris Hilton’s newest BFF


4 – I resolve to not dress up like a man for halloween

 5 – I resolve not to lose any teeth 

Things I resolve to do this year:

1 – I resolve to buy lots of cute shoes in lots of cute colors


2 – I resolve to take pictures of everything

3 – I resolve to cook like crazy (and eat what I make, regardless of the craziness)


4 – I resolve to make my bed (at least three times a month – Tim making it counts too)

5 – I resolve to see Wicked in September


6 – I resolve to sew a lot (let me know if you need something sewed, I’ll do it!)

7 – I resolve to get in the background of other peoples pictures as much as possible.

That’s enough for now.  We’ll see how  I do with these before I try to tack on more.  I do like to try to take over the world…




  1. Oh c’mon… you really don’t want to be Paris’ new BFF? : )

  2. Oh, it’s not that I don’t want to…I do, desperately. It’s just that then I would be in danger of becoming world famous…you see my dilema.

  3. Oh yes… I see your point now

  4. […] I Resolve […]

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