Posted by: erinmelissa | January 6, 2009

Winter Blues (and browns, and creams…)

I don’t know how I’m just now noticing this.  After all, I’ve been wearing my winter clothes for over three months now.  Suddenly I realized my winter clothes are verrrry monotonous.  The majority of them are gray or brown.   Almost none of my winter tops have a print.  I can think of only two exceptions: my medium gray J. Crew sweater with maroon and white argyle down the middle, and my dark gray J. Crew sweater with a little lion knit into the top right corner.  Everything else is completely solid.  Not that each piece doesn’t have character…take today for example…my brown button down blouse has tuxedo trim, and even some little ruffles.  Yet…it’s all brown.  No variation, even in the buttons.  Or my cream turtleneck sweater…it fits like a dream, and it’s got a few interesting details, like the “inside out” seam.  But it’s just cream.  I’m realizing I put to much pressure on my poor shoes to snaz up my boring winter clothes…I think that’s part of why the snow was so hard for me…it only left me with my doc’s as footwear options.  So, I think I’ll make it my mission, as stores start stocking up on spring clothing, to find me some interesting winter clothes.  No more one color pieces for me (unless it’s really really fabulous, or fit’s really nicely of course.)  Inspiration time:


  1. I think it’s cool that I know exactly what your J Crew “non-solid” sweaters look like…go Napa:)

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