Posted by: erinmelissa | January 8, 2009

Cell Phone Frustrations

So…once my pink Razr started dying in about a day, I figured I’d move on.  It treated me well for two years, and it was oh-so-pink, but it was time.  So, I said good bye to it in favor of a chrome and blue Decoy (with built in blue tooth).  It had good reviews, so I figured I was taking a step up.  Initially I was impressed.  I played with it as it charged…and charged…and charged.  I’d plugged it in around 5:30, and it still wasn’t charged at 10.  So, this morning I was relieved to find it was finished.  I took it with me as I walked out the door, and attempted to turn it on.  It got stuck on the opening screen.  It stayed stuck there the whole way to work, resisting all attempts to turn it off.  So, I removed the battery and stuck it back in.  It turned on just fine…but only had two bars of battery life left…12 hours of charging, and two bars after 20 minutes?  After two hours of being off the charger (I hadn’t made any calls at all mind you,) it died.  Huh.  So, I have an e-mail out to Verizon to tell me what in the world is wrong with  my phone, but in the meantime I thought I’d use this as a medium for venting.  Jeesh.  If this doesn’t get fixed, I’ll be taking suggestions for what I should be replacing my replacement phone with… 


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