Posted by: erinmelissa | January 9, 2009

Something’s a stirring

So, several weeks ago, we started hearing banging in our attic.  Tim and his dad tried to be brave and look through the crawl space, but nothing came of that.  So, after much more banging, we determined it must be a bird, and called our builder (our house is still under warranty) to come take a look.  They finally came out (we haven’t heard anything since that day), and determined there was nothing in the attic but some spiderless spiderwebs, and no evidence that there ever was.  This leaves me with only one logical conclusion…a ghoul passed through.  We were simply hearing his chains and moaning as he made a quick stop to escape the rainy windy weather.  I mean, really…are there other options for such strange occurrences?  At least he seems to have moved on…I am wondering where those spiders are though.  







  1. I would be waaay more worried about the spiders then the ghosts!

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