Posted by: erinmelissa | January 13, 2009

Mario, Madlibs, Mash

Zib has been one of my best friends since I was born.  I don’t remember any phase of my life without her.  Even though we didn’t go to the same school (until college), we hung out constantly. 

I spent so much time with her, that in a home video, my cousing asks, “Where-where’s Eeeerin?” (he was probably about three, which means I was too) and was told, “She’s at Elizabeth’s birthday party, she’ll be here soon.”  Then I walk in later, wearing my best pink courderoy bell bottoms , brown cardigan with elves on it (in September…I was always a good dresser) and pink bow barrette, holding balloons and a goodie bag. 

We often spent several nights in a row at each others houses, which is how the pink bedroom of 92 was kept a secret.  My parents sent me to Zib’s for one night, which, as always was extended to two, so they could sneakily paint my room two very different shades of pink.  But, the real fun was what we did instead of sleeping.  It started with Mario, in the afternoon.  Zib’s parents would always rent a Super Nintendo – could they be any cooler? – and we’d play Super Mario Brother’s 3 until the wee hours of the morning.  I got flutes for warping, and Zib beat all the castles (they scared me, so I couldn’t beat them, what with the shaking hands).  Then, once we beat the game (some 6+ hours later), we went upstairs, and I moved Catface off of my bed, (even though he would just sneak back on) and started  playing games of Madlibs, sure to send us into hysterics.  Our favorite was when “The dog was ________ (adverb) away all the customers” – we filled it with melting.  This was the funniest thing either of us had ever heard (for some reason).  We must have laughed for an hour.  Then madlibs would give way for MASH, but we played it with a twist.  The test giver got to pick the last answer for each question.  So I’d say, Zib wants to marry: (she’d pick 3 – Tim Wycoff, Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom) and I’d pick Richard Simmons.  Just to throw some danger in there.  This is how it was determined that she had to wear a wedding dress made of pink saran wrap.

In the morning, I would wake up and read as many Bernstein Bear books as I could  before she woke up cause she had some I didn’t.  When I stayed with her recently while our husbands were on a camping trip, she had set some out in the guest room for me. 

Eventually we went off to college together, and were inadvertently made roommates, we were in each other’s weddings and now that she’s back in Washington, we hang out when we can.  And while MASH has been substituted for Bohnanza and other such games, Madlibs still plays a role in our fun. 

Thanks Zib for always being a supportive friend, who never shies away from the castle levels, and for always encouraging me to spend more time with God.   




  1. I think you have the best blog customer header ever.

    Awesome. 🙂

  2. Awww- this is so sweet. And somehow I had no idea you and Zib knew each other before TMC.

  3. And apparently my husband was logged in. That was me commenting above- not him. : )

  4. Very cool tribute to your friend! Everyone should be so lucky!

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