Posted by: erinmelissa | January 14, 2009

My co-worker is turning reptile

See, he’s quitting smoking (good for him!) by using Chantix.  The only problem I see with this, is that all the ads that I have seen for Chantix feature turtles quitting, and rabbits falling off the wagon.  My conclusion, from these commercials, is that it is either intended for turtles (and clearly not rabbits), or turns you into turtles or rabbits.  So, logically, I am watching for signs of reptilian-ness.

Signs I am looking for include:

  • Tucking his hands and head into his shirt
  • Eating lettuce
  • Turning his cubicle into a terrarium
  • Eating pizza in sewers
  • Sitting under sun lamps
  • Phrases including “Cowabunga” or “Tubular”
  • Progressively slower movements
  • Doing commercials for DSL vs. Comcast
  • Hibernation
  • Calling me April
  • Shell growth
  • Break Dancing
  • Green coloring
  • Rocksteady or Bee Bop

Please let me know if there are any other obvious symptoms we should be aware of.




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