Posted by: erinmelissa | January 15, 2009


Since Tim and I are hitting the town with Ryan and Meghan tonight, I opted for looking cute.  Since it’s a work day, that meant having to look cute at work.  So, I put on my little black dress Tim gave me for Christmas, but it’s a bit short for work attire, so I modested it up with some gray leggings.  Pair it with little red shoes and my new Old Navy jacket – it’s a winner, right?  Wrong.  A few hours into work I was told I’m out of dress code…no spandex/leggings is right smack in the middle of the Never Wear to Work section.  Whoops!  I’m such a non-conforming rebel.



  1. hey erin! i finally got around to putting your blog on my google reader and read through all your most recent posts. thanks for keeping me entertained! i’d love to put you on my blogroll if you have no objections. 🙂 Amy (Haddock)

    • No objections at all! I’m going to add you to mine too. I hope you found (and obliterated) that late night mystery spider of a few posts ago.

  2. That’s such a funny thing to have in a dresscode.

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