Posted by: erinmelissa | January 15, 2009

Soap Opera Blogs

I have found I am addicted to some peoples blogs.  The weird thing is, a lot of the time, I either don’t know the person, know them vicariously through others, or know them vaguely, because they went to my college so I’ve seen them, but never spoken to them.  Things like that.  And yet, I somehow stumble across their blog, and I’m suddenly wrapped up in the drama.  He’s dating her??  She has 6 kids? – I didn’t know she had any!

But, because I never really knew them, I feel like I have to be sneaky about reading their blog – I can’t leave a note, or put them in my blogroll – because then they’d know!  Erin is watching.  I’m not sure why this strikes me as something I have to keep secret…maybe I’m blog-shy.  And, it’s a double standard, because I want to know who’s reading my blog, regardless of how well I know or don’t know them. 

Does anyone else feel this way?  Maybe I’m just weird.



  1. I think this is totally funny! I am the same way! But, I usually make comments. My sister however, is a total blog stalker…and thinks she is so involved in their lives.. 😉

  2. I’m reading your blog. Maybe I’m a freak too. See you tonight!

  3. Ha ha… I totally understand. I almost didn’t comment on your blog because I thought it would be too random and stalkerish, but then I thought “I would like it if she was reading mine and left a comment”, so I did! I think most of the time, if someone has a blog, they like to know if people are reading it, even if it is that random person from highschool that they never talked to. : )

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