Posted by: erinmelissa | January 19, 2009

Trying to win this:


I have to admit, I was sorely tempted not to give you the link for this, because it would  reduce my chances of winning.  But, I decided, if God wants to give us this house, it doesn’t matter how many other people enter, right?

Here’s why I want to win:

  1. It’s a free house.  Hellllllooooo….
  2. It’s in Sonoma, which is close to some of our favorite people (and dogs) ever…Alison, Jason, May, Sara, Andrew, Hercules (plus Gus the turtle – not to be confused with my coworker, the soon to be turtle). 
  3. Tim would probably be able to transfer to an office in the area
  4. I could stop working (cause we’d be living for free!)
  5. We could have a massive garage sale, cause we’d have a brand new $2 million dollar fully furnished home.
  6. Because I could stop working, and we’d live for free, I could start having babies (ideally twins, a boy and a girl – fun, right?).  This is the primary reason.
  7. We’d probably be on TV.
  8. We’d probably have our hair and makeup professionally done for TV – and maybe for always!  (I’d try to get them to throw this in with the prize.)
  9. We’d have extra room, so all y’all could come visit.
  10. It’s fun to win things.

So, that’s why I want to win, enter if you must, but prepare to lose to me.



  1. It’s in Sonoma? That’s amazing! These houses are never near NorCal! Well, good luck! I’d love for someone I know to win!

  2. I just showed my mom the house and we saw that you can visit and take a tour! We’re going to go see it when I’m well- hopefully next month. Don’t worry, I’ll take pics (if they let me). : )

  3. Oh yay!! You are totally invited over once we move in.

  4. Yes, absolutely, you need to win. I would love to see you guys all the time again, not just once a year! Though, this year’s “one time” is going to be quite amazing:) I can’t wait!

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