Posted by: erinmelissa | January 21, 2009

Communion Bread

I grew up eating the best communion bread ever.  I have had many a communion bread in my life time – this one has spoiled the rest (flavor-wise, not symbolically, mind you.)  Move over little wafers and matza bread.  Get outta here oyster crackers (yes, I have had oyster cracker communions) and whole loaves of white bread and slivers of pita.  You’ve been replaced.  To give you an idea of how good this bread is, when my mom asked me what I wanted for Valentine’s Day my senior year of college, I asked for communion bread.  See, the recipe was (and kinda still is) top secret.  But, the church had stopped using it recently, so it didn’t need to have the shroud of secrecy around it anymore. 
She did some sleuthing, and eventually came up with the recipe.  My Valentine’s dreams came true when I received a huge heart shaped slab of the bread with some jam in the mail.  I ate it as slowly as possible, enjoying every bite (except what I gave to Tim – which was big, cause we weren’t even dating at the time.)   It’s like eating flat cake.  I can’t even describe…

Anyway…I was going through my mom’s recipes earlier this year, because I wanted to make her stuffing.  Much to my frustration, I couldn’t find the stuffing recipe, nor the communion bread recipe (which I was secretly, almost subconsciously searching for).  

So, imagine my delight, when months later, we’re hanging out at my dads, and the topic comes up.  I go back into the recipe book cabinet, and after a little digging, find the stuffing recipe…sitting on top of the communion bread recipe.  I might have “Whoop”ed.  Then I thought, I’ll put the recipe on my blog so all can enjoy this genius bread!  Until I saw the note at the bottom of the recipe: “Note from (bread maker’s name): ‘I have kept this recipe for the Communion bread and have not given the recipe or used it for other purposes.  I felt it was nice to keep it special for the Lord’s Supper’.”  Guilt trip. 

While I will use it for things other than the Lord’s Supper, I don’t know that I can just go posting it on my blog for as many as 12 people to see!  So, here’s my loophole.  If you can give me a reason that you need this (that I agree is worthy), I will send the recipe to you on an individual basis.  For example, your congregation is fed up with disgusto bread, and you need something delightful for communion to save the church.  Or, you’re very sick, and only sweet delight melting in your mouth will heal you.  Things of this nature.

Or, just stop on by when you smell something along the lines of manna from Heaven wafting from my kitchen window.  Whatever works.


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