Posted by: erinmelissa | January 26, 2009

Just can’t eat enough

Maybe I’m the only one who has this happen, but when I am at work, I am ravenous.  Put food in my path, I’ll take care of it.  There’s an extra lunch from the business meeting I wasn’t in?  I’ll take care of it.  Someone needs help getting rid of birthday cake?   Erin to the rescue!

Then, I get home.  My appetite disappears.  I eat out of duty, to take care of my body.  Not out of hunger.  Does any one know why this is?   Is it because I’m so active at work, and at home I’m relaxing?  Or just so lazy that the work involved in getting food ready makes my hunger disappear?  Or, possibly most likely, I eat so much while I’m at work that my stomach has reached its quota?  Hmmm.



  1. I used to do the same exact thing when I was working. I think most of the time I was bored and eating whatever was around seemed like a fun diversion- and it was always food I would never have in my home, so it was kind of a treat. : )

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