Posted by: erinmelissa | January 30, 2009

I missed it!

We had an earthquake this morning.  I slept through it.  Dang!  I happen to like Washington earthquakes.  I’ve experienced a handful both here and in California, and as long as they’re small, I enjoy them.  It’s kind of like a free roller coaster ride.  Especially in Washington.  In California the earthquakes were shaky, but here they roll.  It’s awesome.  I remember in high school, I was up in my room reading when the biggest one I’ve ever been in hit.  I had just reached the best part of the book – she was about the get thrown off a cliff! – when my floor started rippling.  Literally, you could watch it roll.  On the third story.  I heard my dad yelling for us to get under door frames and what not, but I debated, because my book was sooo good.  Finally, his panic won, and I carefully marked my place (not just the page, but the line I stopped on), and ran down to the entry way where the rest of my family huddled.  I spoke ran is a generous word, it was more of a slow stepping to whatever stair looked the most stable.  But, it ended just as I reached the entry, and there was no damage, just exhileration.  So, I headed back up and finished my book, secretly hoping for an aftershock.   I remember one in college, that woke me up, I initially thought someone was shaking my bed as a weird prank.  Nope, earthquake!  I was the only one to wake up and enjoy it.  Which is why I’m dissapointed I missed this mornings!  I never turn down a free roller coaster ride.


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