Posted by: erinmelissa | February 2, 2009

Martin and Osa = Fabulous

So, I have a new favorite store.  It’s called Martin and Osa, and it’s American Eagle all grown up.  Or “high end” American Eagle, whatever you want to call it.  We’ve gone there before, and really enjoyed it, but this last time we really really appreciated it.  The customer service is…unbelievable.  I had one item in my hands, when one of the guys working there whisked it away to start a fitting room.  In fact, I rarely had more than one item before it was taken from me.  Then he told me my purse was “gorgeous,” which made me even happier, then he asked if he could put some bottled water in my fitting room, then I asked someone else about some shoes, and she put them in my fitting room, without having to ask which one it was (I’m pretty sure they were walky talky-ing “Blondie, room 3”, so they didn’t have to pester me for info).  This is all pre-trying on clothes.  Then I walk in to fitting room heaven.  Bigger than my walk in closet, all shiny honey colored wood, with the tons of items I had to try on staged around the room, and my chilled water resting on the very large bench.  

Now, the  key to shopping at Martin and Osa is shopping the sales, otherwise the prices are very high.  But the sales are incredibly reasonable.  So, as I tried on all the sale items the store had available, Tim and I would come out from our side to side rooms and critique.  This is when the above and beyond salespeople would tell us honestly what they thought.  As in, they told Tim not to try on a shirt because it was too “barber shop quartet.”  Then I was debating between a white pair of fabulous shoes, and a brown pair of fabulous shoes and one of the girls told me to go with the brown because they’d be more versatile.  So, after I tried the store on, I selected two items, a blue silk button down dress, and the brown fabulous shoes, and she swept them up the the front for me so I could keep shopping uninhibited.  Then, we go to check out, and she’s steaming my dress!  So it would be immediately wearable!  What?  Then we proceeded to have a conversation about Gran Torino, and how we all felt funny and dissatisfied after we watched it.  This pretty much made us BFF’s.  So, it’s new favorite, gently nudging the J. Crew outlet out of first place.  Thanks Martin and Osa sales people!  Job well done!

The fabulous shoes:



  1. A high-end AE? Reeeeally. I’ve never heard of it. Very cute shoes and thanks for the heads up. I hate when I am out of the loop about new stores. : )

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