Posted by: erinmelissa | February 5, 2009

I’ll admit it….

…I love American Idol.  I realize it’s cheesy, but I can’t help it.  I’m not crazy into it, I can miss an episode with hardly a second thought, (as long as it’s not toward the end), but that’s not stopping me from putting it on my DVR.   And yes, I do already have my favorites, even before the final 36 are announced. 

Last season I sat by in suspense, waiting to see David Cook crowned.  Anyone who heard his rendition of Billie Jean can’t blame me.  Move over Archulletta. 

But, as much as I like the show, I have never bought the CD of an idol winner.  And I have never once voted.  Although I did have David Cook’s CD in my hand as I wandered through Target one day before Christmas.  But I put it back and picked up Kristin Chenoweth’s “A Wonderful Way to Spend Christmas” instead. 

All that to say, here’s hoping for a great new season, even if the new judge is a bit strange.  I can’t wait to hear all the snarkiness Simon has in store, and groan as people forget their lyrics, or trip as they try to dance across the stage.  I hope it doesn’t let me down.




  1. i’m so with you! and isn’t ryan seacrest the best host ever? he’s hilarious. i have no idea how he keeps a straight face.

    for the record, david a.’s cd is better than david c.’s, though i did want david cook to win.

    btw, i love kristen chenoweth. she’s hilar.

  2. Yes. Tim and I both love Ryan Seacrest. I don’t think he’d like the show half as much without him. He is our favorite host except maybe Jeff Probst…I’m going to have to think about that one…

  3. I’m an Idol watcher too. Have you been watching the auditions? I’m already rooting for the guy whose wife died recently. I hope he makes it through to the final 12!

  4. Oh my gosh, do you remember Tracy Fagerskog blasting Carrie Underwood from her office all day long? So glad to hear you haven’t starting buying idol winner albums. If you had, I don’t know that we could still be friends.

  5. I like that guy too Heidi, he’s got a cool sound. Plus the sympathy – killer combination.
    Ashley – Carrie Underwood followed me to my new job! I can’t escape it.

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