Posted by: erinmelissa | February 9, 2009

Anyone who knows me knows…

…I love sleeping in.  Not many things are worthy of getting up early in my mind.  As a matter of fact, I can probably count on one hand times that I have intentionally gotten up early in the past two years on a non-work day.  There were two times that Tim wanted to see a matinee on a Saturday morning, so I had to be up around 8.  There were two Christmases that require a 5 am wake up call.  And there was the day the last Harry Potter book came out and I fell asleep reading it and woke up a few hours later to resume.  That’s it.  I’m pretty sure.  But, since moving into our new house, sleeping past 7:30 or so has been violently ripped away from me.  By this horrible thing  called the early morning sun.  See, the way our room is set up, there are two 2×2 windows above the bed, and one 3×5 or so on the wall next to my side of the bed.  We have some pretty dark curtains on the big window, but you can’t put curtains on 2×2 windows without risking them looking like something you’d find in a kitchen.  So, we have some honey comb blinds that love to coax the sun into our room. 

So, I took defensive action.  This weekend, I went through my scrapbooking supplies, and found the darkest paper I have.  I stuck them to the window pane with double sided scrapbooking tape and marveled at my genius.  Then I lowered the blinds and drifted off, confident that I would finally be able to sleep in.  And I did.  Until one of the papers fell off, allowing a shocking amount of sunlight to shoot into the room all at once, rather than the gradual blinding brightness that we normally experience.  So, at 8:20 I gave it up for lost and picked up a book.  I’ll have to come up with something else.  Suggestions, as always, are welcome.

Said windows.

Said windows.



  1. Some advice from a 55-year-old: go to bed at 8pm, like I do

  2. i totally feel for you…i myself am not a big fan of the wee hours of the morning. when i lived in alaska, the sun was up practically 24 hours in the summertime. my parents took cardboard and cut it to set inside the window and cut off the majority of light in the room. you could try that if you’re desperate!

  3. I had that problem in our bedroom because our curtains weren’t thick enough to keep the light out. I ended up throwing a super thick blanket on top of the curtains and it has stayed there ever since. It is not the prettiest thing to behold, but it lets us sleep past the sun. And someday I will replace it with blackout curtains.

  4. I LOVE sleeping in! I don’t know if you remember, but I could easily sleep in until 12 or 1pm. But now that I have 3 kids who love to wake up at the ungodly hour of 5:30/6am, sleeping in only happens when I’m on vacation without them or if Matt takes pity on me (we’ll take turns with who has to get them on a Saturday). It’s sad. 😦 Do whatever you can to ensure you can enjoy sleeping in for as long as you can!

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