Posted by: erinmelissa | February 17, 2009

Things you should probably know about me

I have a scratch on my hand.  I have no idea where it came from.  Neither does Tim.  But it looks like a perforation.  So my hand is easier to open.

If you looked at my desk, you’d think my favorite color was purple.  It’s not.  Not even top 5.  And yet, I have purple post its (cause Glinda is on them), purple kleenex box (cause birds are on it), purple mouse pad (cause Little Miss Trouble is on it, purple birds and flowers on green inboxes…my real favorite (pink) is sadly poorly represented.

I have only crashed one car.  On my honeymoon.  Goodbye brand new Ion.

I love the taste and smell of pears.

If I could only have one store, I’d pick Target.

I just learned how to microwave Top Ramen.  I’d always thought it wasn’t possible.

My feet are roughly the same size as Tim’s.

My mom was 89 lbs when she got married.  I was 105.  Us Burns women are easy to carry across the threshold.

I still hope that someday Disneyland will seek me out and ask me to fill a job position as one of the princesses.  I would be perfect.

In elementary school, when my friends didn’t wait for me before going to recess, I dropped them and found new friends.  Then I dubbed my old friends “The Snob Squad.”  I was ruthless.

Tim was my first real boyfriend.  Now he’s my hubby!

I could eat my weight in Swedish Fish at any given time.

I have been told I look like a giraffe, a cat, and a meercat by various friends (and once someone I just met.)

I hate the sound of chewing more than all things but the taste of mayonnaise.

I’m secretly hoping to have Bobby Flay show up and announce we’re doing a throwdown for my mom’s mini cheesecakes.  I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve, I’d probably win.

I’d rather read a children’s book than a grown up book…always.

Aren’t you glad to know all this?  I thought so.



  1. I feel the same way about chewing! Sometimes I just have to leave the room when other people are chewing.

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