Posted by: erinmelissa | February 24, 2009

Our Weekend…

was amazing.  Phenomenal.  Everything exceeded our expectations…except the J Crew outlet.  Other than that…it was great.  We headed to Bellevue after work on Friday night, and when we arrived at our hotel we were told that we would be on the 16th floor, with a small complimentary upgrade in honor of Tim’s birthday.  “Small” meant going from a standard room with no guarantee of a view to a corner suite with a sitting area and panoramic views of Mount Rainer, the water and Seattle.   The room was huge and beautiful.  Even the bathroom had views.  On the table in the sitting area we found a small glass full of swedish fish, and a plate of pears…wait a minute, didn’t I just write a blog about liking swedish fish and pears?  Turns out the Westin had done their research.  When Tim mentioned the coincidence they basically told him a little bird told them that I loved pears and swedish fish.  Color me impressed.  Also, in the lobby they had water…from heaven.  One was layers of water, ice, raspberries, and oranges, so it had a berry citrus flavor, and the other (my favorite) was layers of water, ice, apples and cinnamon…it was like drinking apple pie.  Mmm.  So, the first night we went to the mall (about a two minute walk) and met Ryan and Meghan for dinner, but since our room was so phenomenalwe got dinner to go and brought it back there.  We hung out and watched a movie, it was a lot of fun.  Then on Saturday we shopped – literally – until we dropped.  We’d decided we’d put everything we wanted on hold and then get everything once we had seen all the competition.  I’m really glad we did this, cause we both put stuff on hold that we didn’t end up buying.  Most of our time was spent at Martin+Osa.   I came away withsome AMAZING boots (pictures to come later), white cords, and skinny jeans (to go with the boots) from M+O, and a red Nine West purse.  Tim got a cardigan, jeans, and a white button down shirt from M+O and khakis from J. Crew outlet (the only find there, if you can believe it), and gray t-shirts from GAP outlet .   It was fantastic.  More later.


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