Posted by: erinmelissa | March 3, 2009

Arrested Development

We love just kicking back and laughing after work, so we are always excited to find a really really funny show.  For example, The Office is one of our favorites (although, has anyone else noticed that it has been primarily absent this season?  I feel like there’s only been 4 or 5 shows.)  30 Rock – I never thought I would like this show.   I figured it to be political SNL-y kinda stuff, not the source of the best one liners ever!  (“I have to glow, I’m snitting necht to Harpo!” or “A Blafair to Rememblack.”  And of course, Dr. Spaceman.)  So, for Christmas I’d gotten my brother two seasons of Arrested Development – a show he loved, but had never interested me – much like 30 Rock.   But, bored last weekend, we decided to give it a shot.  It’s hah-larious.  You have characters who are magicians, crooks, forbidden love, a blue man groupie, adopted child “Annyong”…and fantastic guest starts- Amy Pohler, Andy from the office, Henry Winkler, Liza Minelli, Judy Greer…oh it’s so funny.  I wish I was watching it now.  So, all that to say, if your a fan of The Office/30 Rock type humor, add this disfunctional family to the mix.




  1. Seriously one of our favorite shows EVER. It’s criminal it got cancelled. I hope the movie is good though!!

  2. David and I watched through all 3 seasons a couple summers ago. LOVE IT. You can watch most of, if not all, the episodes for free on

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