Posted by: erinmelissa | March 9, 2009

You’ll be glad to know

Tim helped me solve the window situation.  You know, the one where I’m awakened at 6 am due to the unholy brightness pouring through the windows directly above my head?  Well, Tim and I were enjoying some pizza at Fondi’s (which, by the way, is heavenly, we recommend the proscutto arugula) and discussing this problem.  See, I’ve taken to sleeping with my stuffed dog Rusty covering my eyes.  This is not ideal, but does allow an extra half hour or so of shut eye.  So, Tim decided to come to my rescue, and as soon as we got home he set to work cutting pieces of cardboard exactly 21.5″ x 21.5″ and fitting them in the windows.  Boy did I sleep like a baby.  It is sooo nice and dark in there now.  By the way, it looks like Fondi’s is only in Washington, so if you’re craving a good pizza, just come and visit us and we’ll have it waiting.


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