Posted by: erinmelissa | March 12, 2009

I was on the radio

I just got to talk to The Commentators.  If you’re in the greater Seattle area, you probably know who I mean.  On my way back to work from lunch, they asked for funny “I got pulled over” stories, and no body has a funnier pulled over story than my brother Tim.  So, I called in, “auditioned” – I had to get through their bouncer- and after holding for 15 minutes (which is okay cause the hold music is their show, I heard, “Erin from Kent, you’re on the commentators.”  So, I told them, “In high school my brother was a pretty reckless driver.  He was speeding home one night, trying to make it for curfew when he was pulled over.  The cop told him, “I’ve been waiting for you all night,” to which Tim replied, “I got here as fast as I could.”   The cop started cracking up and he got off with a warning.”  I could hear John and Ken (mostly Ken) laughing and I heard Ken say, “That was pretty goo-” then I was disconnected.  Add that 45 seconds of air time and I’m up to a lifetime total of about 9 minutes of fame.  Radio three times, TV once.  Ah yeah.



  1. That is the best speeding story. So great. And congrats on the airtime! : )

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