Posted by: erinmelissa | March 16, 2009

The Lion King

Yesterday I got to sleep in, get all dressed up, go to Seattle with my dad, have some of the best Asian food ever (check out Dragonfish Cafe if you’re in the area) and see Lion King.  Good day.  So, here’s what I thought of Lion King:

Favorite characters:



Timon and Pumba were absolutely hilarious.  And I loved their costumes, I love that Pumba’s head was the tuft of hair.  And they sounded just like the guys from the movie.


Rafiki.  This woman has skills.  I was in awe of her range.  She was from South Africa and had a great accent.


Little Simba and Nala – I was enchanted by Nala.  She had such natural grace and such a pure voice.  Simba was adorable as well.  And the puppeteer who played Zazu was funny, he even made a joke that a set curtain looked like “a shower curtain from Target.”

Favorite animals:


The gazelles stole my heart.  Soooo beautiful.  It’s dancers with a little gazelle on their heads and arms, so when they dance the gazelle’s leap. 


The cheetah was beautiful and vain.  She was constantly washing her face and looking bored with all around her.  And the giraffes…Just look at the costume!  Can you imagine the mechanics behind that?


Gorgeous right?  I  mean, the whole thing was just breath taking to look at.


I couldn’t find a picture of the hyena’s, but this is the design.  I loved that they used the hair over the head to create the shape of the spine.  Very clever.

Also, the animals came down the aisles more than once.  First we had an elephant leading a pack of animals, then we had birds, another time singers…fantastic.

My favorite scene of all was the stampede.  Is that bad?  It was just sooo cool to look at.  They had three different layers to it – I won’t be able to describe it well, but I couldn’t find a picture, so I’m going to try:  In the back there was a sheet of paper with wildebeast drawn on it.  The paper was being pulled so they were moving downward.  In front of that, there was a set up similar to the gazelles, dancers wearing smaller wildebeasts on their arms and head, making them run forward.  In front of that were full body wildebeasts, dancing around Simba.  It was the most beautiful scene in the whole play in my opinion.

I wasn’t thrilled with all of the music.  Because most of it wasn’t from the movie it wasn’t familiar, and most of it wasn’t very upbeat,  I didn’t pay it a lot of attention.  I LOVED “I Just Can’t Wait to be King” though, I thought the little kids did a great job, it was adorable. 

Overall, I loved.  I would see it again any time.  That’s all.



  1. Just you and your dad? How great is that? I have been wanting to see this show. Hey, I went down south two weekends ago by myself to see old friends. It was a three hour drive. Some where along the way I put in my ‘Newsies’ CD and sang along as loud as I could. I must say I teared up a bit thinking of you! I miss you old friend!

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