Posted by: erinmelissa | March 23, 2009

Poor Papa

My dad had his rotator cuff fixed on Friday.  It sounds like a car part. but it’s actually a shoulder muscle, that he’d managed to tear 80% apart.  We’d planned on staying with him just Friday night, but we’ve been there ever since.  The poor guy is on so many sleep inducing drugs that we soon realized he wouldn’t be able to get into a schedule by himself.  So, with the exception of church, we’ve been sitting with him, eating his food and watching TV since Friday afternoon.  Tim stayed with him today while I went off to work.  Dad’s in a lot of pain, but was excited to show me his scar when I came over at lunch time.   He offered to make lunch too, loopy guy.  He has zero use of his right arm and he’s volunteering to cook.  He does seem to be improving rapidly, so we’ll probably head home tonight to sleep.  He’ll be in a sling for 6 to 12 weeks, so the next thing to do is convince him he can’t drive his manual car around with just his left hand 🙂  We’re looking forward to when the healing process is complete and he can goof around like normal without pain.



  1. He’s in our prayers!

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