Posted by: erinmelissa | March 25, 2009

Twilight Movie Review

So…last night Tim wasn’t feeling too super, so we stayed home to rest up.  I stopped at Zao’s on my way home and got us some goodies – me Dan Dan chicken with peanut sauce, Tim Shanghai chicken and beef with dan dan noodles.  Mine was good, his was better.   I also like the Sechuan chicken salad with a peanut mustard dressing.  But that’s beside the point.  Did I mention they have the best dessert ever?



Anyway – the point.  Because Tim loves me and happens to like vampires, he humored me and sat with me through Twilight. 

Here’s what I thought:


Bella is not my favorite.  She looks the part okay, but her voice is really monotone.  Show some emotion!  He’s a VAMPIRE and you’re all but FLYING!  Jeesh.  AND her prom dress was fine, but lacey leggings and tennis shoes?  I don’t remember the book mentioning she dressed horribly. 


Edward is beautiful.  There is no denying that.  The only complaint I had for him was he talked funny.  I think it’s cause he’s british…but hey – he looks like the Edward I imagined, so I’m cutting him a break.

Mike and Jessica were really well cast, I liked them a lot. 

The rest of the Cullens … I like Jasper and Alice, I’m fine with Emmett, on the fence about Esme, and am not crazy about Carlisle or Rosalie. 

The movie itself:

It was well filmed, well cast, well acted mostly, but it seemed kind of stilted by it’s speed.  I think if you hadn’t read the book and couldn’t fill in the gaps, you would have felt you were run over by the pace of the movie.  It goes from meeting Edward to loving Edward over the course of a few minutes, meeting the other vampires to being in James’ clutches very quickly, and doesn’t explain how Alice didn’t read Bella’s mind when she’d decided to go to James.  I felt like there were a lot of holes.  Not to say I wasn’t entertained, I was.  But, as with the Harry Potter movies, a lot is missed if you haven’t read the book.  What do you think?



  1. i’m totally with you on rosalie. i didn’t think she was beautiful enough for bella to be intimdated by her. right?

    i hated how the vampires had the super red lips i thought it made them look a little clown-ish instead of incredibly gorgeous.

  2. I HATED Bella. She ruined the movie for me for the same exact reasons. She is just so boring and lifeless and blah and all of those horrible things. Really- what is her problem? I didn’t read her character that way in the book. And ditto on the prom outfit. So weird.

    Did you know parts were filmed in Santa Clarita? I looked it up because at one point it looked like they were driving down auto row and at another point I recognized the hotel (Santa Clarita Hilton). When I looked it up I read that you can see Grace Baptist in the background at some point.

    I wasn’t super impressed with the movie as a whole. I’m hoping the next one is better.

  3. I love twilight

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