Posted by: erinmelissa | April 6, 2009

Easter’s a comin’

Did you have Easter traditions growing up?  The couple weeks before Easter usually found me “helping” my mom make us matching outfits.  Except I usually got puffier sleeves and a big straw hat (I was hip).  So, Easter morning I would don my new outfit, and head down to the table, which would hold three matching baskets – brown wicker – but mine had a purple ribbon.  These were filled with the plastic day glo eggs full of jelly beans (my favorite were the wintergreen ones – you knew it was them because of the speckles) and robins eggs, and we’d each get a chocolate bunny – mine was always a girl, Tim and Chris would get a boy.  Usually there was a stuffed bunny too, but one year I got a duck.  Then we’d head to church, then to grandma and grandpa’s for an Easter Egg Hunt – anyone else had a year where you find one from the previous Easter?  And I’m talking hard boiled eggs. – and gorge ourselves on devilled eggs, veggies and ranch and jello jigglers till the time came for the ham.  Those were good times.  The house was always bursting at the seams with all the cousins (Dawn, Darren, Danny, Kayla, Adam, Sarah, Mark, Levi, Peter, Tim, Chris and myself.) and all the Aunts and Uncles.  Chaos.  Inevitably we kids would get sent to play in the pink bedroom (or outside if the weather cooperated) so the adults could hear each other talk.   I wish time travelling were real.  I’d go back there in a heart beat.  So, this year, I’m the Easter bunny in our house, and we will have much of the same – although Tim won’t wear a matching outfit with me.


  1. What beautiful memories…It reminded me of my own childhood traditions. 🙂 Yes, I too, will be playing Easter bunny this year, and will be doing much of the same things that I remember from way back when. 🙂

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