Posted by: erinmelissa | April 8, 2009

Sick again

I feel like I have been sick more this year than ever before.  I went to bed at 6:45 last night.  I didn’t sleep through the night mind you, but I can’t remember the last time I went to bed so early.  I am neither young enough nor old enough for that.  Oh well.  I tried to get a solid 12 hours and nip it in the bud.  Because I went to be so early I missed out on the M’s first loss (second game) but I hear it was a close one.  I also missed American Idol, but heard that Adam sang that song from Donnie Darko so that is now running through my head, which is okay by me.  Have you seen that movie?  So weird.  I was really disturbed by it the first time I saw, but the second time I was able to get past the creepiness and appreciate it.  Till next time then.


  1. I thought I was missing something! I hope you are feeling better. My mom is coming this weekend for 10 days, maybe you would like to join us on a day of shopping?

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