Posted by: erinmelissa | April 13, 2009

Happiness in the Little Things

I got a new mug – always a treat!


My desk plants have started sprouting.

The M’s won three games in a row – and swept the A’s!

I’m looking forward to eating my Peter Rabbit.


We had a fun Easter yesterday.  Mitsuki told me -somewhat accurately- the Easter story using Ressurection eggs.  It went something like this:


Egg 1 hold a donkey.   Mitsuki: “Jesus rode a donkey”

Egg 2 holds silver coins.  Mitsuki: “Jesus bought something with three dollars”  I had to correct this one

Egg 3 holds a cup.  Mitsuki: “Jesus drank and said cheers!”  Also gently corrected.

Egg 4 holds praying hands.  Mitsuki: “Jesus prayed, ‘Thy will be done'”

Egg 5 holds a crown of thorns.  Mitsuki: “He wore these sporns on His head”  Close enough

Egg 6 had a piece of leather.  Mitsuki: “They went wssssph wsssph on Him” (Those are whip sounds.)

Egg 7 had a die.  Mitsuki: “The soldiers played a game, and if they rolled this, they won.”  I gave him a little more information on the game

Egg 8  had a cross made of nails.  Mitsuki: “They hung Him on the cross and nailed His hands and feet”

Egg 9 had a spear.  Mitsuki: “Stab.”  I got stabbed.  “They went like this.”  More stabbing

Egg 10 had a piece of cloth.  Mitsuki: “They wrapped Him up with spices”

Egg 11 had a rock.   Mitsuki: “They rolled the rock.”  He rolled it across my dad’s new hardwood floors.  I quickly stopped this.

Egg 12 was empty.  Mitsuki: “Jesus is not in the grave”  Me: “Is He alive?”  Mitsuki: Nodded.  Then, “I wonder He will die again…”  I told him that Jesus will never die again, that He has gone to Heaven and will live forever.

It was fun.


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