Posted by: erinmelissa | April 14, 2009

The Brightside Project

Have I told you about the Brightside Project yet?  It’s a giveaway – but for crazy amazing stuff.  No doilies, no buttons (not that there’s anything wrong with those) – we’re talking clothes from up and coming designers, extravagant beauty products and shoes to name a few prize options.  Here’s how it works.  Every day – every day! – they introduce a designer/maker person, and show some of they’re work.  Then they ask a question for you to answer, and the creator of the prize picks they’re favorite answer.  I’ll give some examples of how I answer the questions.  Please note – I have yet to win, so copying me won’t get you anywhere.

Ready?  Okay:

 What is the first paying job you ever had?

Well, I started babysitting when I was 10, making an average of $2 an hour – that’s a lot at 10! But my first real paying job was at the concession stand at the movie theater. I was terrible at it. And did you know “buttery topping” burns right through your skin? I have the scars to prove it.

What is your favorite item in your makeup bag?

Definitely mascara. I come from a long line of blondes and redheads, and while my hair has a reddish hue mixed in with the blonde, my eyelashes are so blonde they’re transparent. To the extent that a friend from child hood thought I didn’t have eyelashes at all. So, I need a good mascara to counteract the overall paleness that we fair blondes have.

If you could have a dream come true what would it be?

Easy. I would become a Disney Princess. At will. You know, switch back and forth between Disney life and mine – just to keep it real. But boy howdy would I love to walk around bursting into song and dance at every opportunity. And how fun to have birds help you get ready for things?

If you could be any super hero, which one would you be and what would be your power?

Hmmm. If I were a super hero…I would want super wicked fast cleaning skills, invincibility to paper cuts (my most common foe), the power to interpret baby talk, the ability to ease pain, and I’d want to be able to make my hair change lengths and colors at will. So, my super hero name would be: Cool Girl. Obviously.

What is your favorite movie of all time, and why?

Newsies. Really, is the why needed? Have you seeeeen Christian Bale? So, maybe he’s not the best dancer, but still. I could (and have been known to) sing those songs all day.

If you were stranded on an island, what three things would you bring with you and why?


 Target. I would bring Target. It would give me most all the things I’d need to survive, and a possible job opportunity. My husband, because he’s cute and he likes Target too.

A cell phone. Just to keep up with the haps

If you could only keep one of your five senses, which would it be and why?
My first instinct was sight. I’d want to be able to see my children’s faces. But then I realized that I wouldn’t have any sense of touch…which I think would include being able to feel people touching me. I would have a hard time living without sight, but I could not live without hugs and hand holding and feeling my husband stroke my hair. I have to have my sense of touch.

Fun right?  Jump on board and answer for yourself! 




  1. thanks for the tip! i totally posted an answer to the question “If you could quit your job and do anything else, what would it be and why?”

    – “I would quit my job and become a not-for-profit-florist and deliver flower arrangements to my friends, family and people and people at random. I love fresh flowers and their power to brighten any person’s day or event. I mean, really…what tops getting flowers at the office?? Nothing(except maybe getting chocolate).”

  2. Hey Erin, jump on over to Such and Such blog. You might get a nice surprise! Woo Hoo!

  3. I love answering those questions! Although I haven’t been visiting The Brightside lately… I’ll have to remedy that tomorrow. Good luck! Your answers crack me up- you’re destined to win at some point!

  4. […] NEVER believe what happened to me today. No seriously. You won’t believe it. My friend Erin recently posted about her endeavors to win things on  Always being […]

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