Posted by: erinmelissa | April 24, 2009

PS I love my new necklace

Last night Tim had a boys night with some guys from church.  So , I had a girls night with Hillary Swank and the Gilmore Girls.    I picked up PS I Love You from the dollar movie rental machine at Fred Meyer, along with a Hogie Sandwich and some Framboix.   Then I came home to the delight of a padded yellow envelope!  I ripped it open and found my newly won necklace and 10% off my next order.  Sweet!  It is even prettier in person than in the picture.   So, I put it on, and then watched Gilmore Girls.  Oh, Lorelai and Luke, will you ever be happily ever after?  Then, eating my sandwich, I turned on PS I Love You.  I liked it.  I cried 5 times, but I liked it.  Then I just hung out and worked on laundry until Tim came home.   All in all, a good night.


  1. So glad you like it! Wear it in good health!
    L ~

  2. I am a HUGE Gilmore Girls fan. I own the entire series. It’s a sickness. David and I watched through every season last year and I still watch it from time to time.

  3. Love Gilmore Girls and love P.S. I Love You! Good choices! Wish I could have joined you on that girls night!

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